Hostel Rules & Regulation

Absolute self discipline must be maintained in the hostel. Break of any one of the hostel rules shall render the offender liable to a fine or suspension for a definite period or expulsion not only from the hostel but from the institute also.

  • Stay in the hostel is compulsory.
  • If any student falls ill, she should report to the warden immediately who is available in the hostel round the clock.
  • Students are responsible for the care of furniture and cleanliness of their rooms. Any damage to the furniture shall be charged.
  • When leaving rooms, all the students should check lights, fans and switches are tuned off.
  • Students are urged to keep all their valuables and jewellary at their homes. If there is any damage or loss the authorities will be held responsible.
  • When student leave the hostel, they must sign in and out going register providing correct time of going and coming must be entered. NO student is allowed to sign for anyone else.
  • Overnight Passes: overnight and outgoing passes will be given at discretion of the authorities; such passes will be issued only twice in one month. This facility is liable to be withdrawn as a disciplinary measure. For example poor results, negligence in studies, going out without permission.
  • During night of the vacations Institution is not responsible for any type of miss happening / delay of not reaching home and back to hostel.
  • In case of emergency leave, the principal/ class in charge should be approached.
  • Students are expected to sleep in their respective rooms.