best way to help poor children in India?

Prithviraj Chauhan Educational Society help to poor child’s and provide free education and support poor children is by sharing knowledge he has gathered in so many years. As the education system in India for poor children is crippled, this way you are actually help them in building their future which is far much noble than…


Educate for Life

Become a Friend of Educate for Life by donating amount per month and change the future for children in rural India for the better.  Your support has an impact on three levels: It changes the lives of individual children. It supports the transformation of the entire rural community where they live. It will change rural education…


How does the body make new blood?

The bone marrow produces stem cells, the building blocks that the body uses to make the different blood cells – red cells, white cells and platelets. The erythropoietin sends a message to the stem cells telling more of them to develop into red blood cells, rather than white cells or platelets.