Section 1. This Society may be called as the Prithvi Raj Chauhan Educational Society.

  • it shall extend to the whole of the state of Himachal Pradesh.



Section 2 Definitions:


  1. “Financial Year” Shall means year commencing on the first day of April.
  2. “General body” means all the members of the Society.
  3. “General  meeting” means meeting of the general body of a Society and including special general meeting
  4. “Governing Body” The Governing body elected under section 15 of H.P. Societies Registration Act 2006.
  5. “Member of the Society” means a person who has been admitted in the Society according to the regulation there of, continues for the time being to be a member of the Society and,
  • Having paid subscription
  • Having signed the roll or list of members.
  • Have not resigned, in accordance with the regulation of the Society
  1. “Regulations” or “by-laws” means registered regulations or by-laws Of a Society for the time being in force.
  2. “Society” means a Society registered under Sec. 6 of the Himachal Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2005.




President                               Secretary                                Treasurer